Enquiry – Germany needs medical doctors from EU countries


FROM: RAWOK International – (RAWOK Manpower Services)

SUBJECT: Germany needs medical doctors from EU & non EU countries

The above subject refers

RAWOK Manpower Services is providing services to German
employers looking for workers from EU & non EU countries.
We are a member of Industrie-und Handelskammer Magdeburg,

However, we are searching for medical doctors in Greece
for German employers/hospitals/companies, and would like to
ask for the assistance of the association.

RAWOK International – (RAWOK Manpower Services)
Quedlinburger Weg 94,
06493 Ballenstedt-OT Badeborn, Germany
Telephone & Whatsapp: +49 152 1796 1115
Telephone & Whatsapp: +44 744 0618 512
Telefax: +49 394 838 2066
E-mail: t.awokoyaa@gmx.net
E-mail: rstinternationall@gmail.com

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